Searching for a Reason

by Twin Suns

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Searching for a Reason EXTRA BUFF Digital Edition!

In addition to the normal EP which includes the original 4 tracks of pure buffness, this special digital EP is injected with an 6 extra ounces of the purest BUFF.

When you download the EP (with a minimum donation of $4), we will include:

3 Instrumental demo versions of songs from the original EP
1 Fully buffed demo version of "Missing"
1 Super buffed demo of a new song, entitled "Pay for the Printer"
1 Live audio AND video cut of the track "Racing"

Not to mention each track has artwork that will show up on your iPods/Phones/Pads. All kinds of fancy.

If you're broke (don't worry, we understand) you can download each song for free individually, albeit without all the bonus goodies.

So what are you waiting for? GET BUFF with us!


released November 17, 2010

Twin Suns is:
Aaron Delgado, Allen Casillas, Daniel Escobar, Justin Gomez, & Lonnie Brown
Recorded @ the Lion's Den Studios July-August 2009
Produced, Engineered & Mixed by Allen Casillas
All Songs Written by Twin Suns
All Lyrics by Lonnie Brown except "Machete" written by Allen Casillas

We would just like to take this opportunity to thank every single one of you who has supported us in any way. No matter how big your contribution to our cause, we would be nothing without you. THANK YOU!




Twin Suns Montebello

We are Twin Suns. We play music because we love it and we feel it is what we were meant to do. We play loud. We sing. We dance. We get buff. Will you join us?

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Track Name: Racing
Right now this world is moving way too fast to know
That this girl is screaming from her soul
Daddy please come home
Mommy don’t you know
That you ain’t got forever
Wasting away - punching clocks day after day

Racing toward a red light
Searching for a reason
This sunlight is always shining
Are we led unwillingly to believe this game is all there is
Reject this contrived reality

Whatever happened to the time when time wasn’t a reason
To forget this journey and all that we’ve been dreaming
Do you see time as your enemy in a battle for what it will never return
(Please remember why)
Track Name: Voices
When these bullets take the place of your words
When these mother’s tears bring you no remorse
When the innocent suffer just to prove your worth
You can run and hide cause you’re barely alive
You’ve taken so much from so many

Let Go
Let all this senseless violence go
Their voices lost to silence
When body separates from soul
So many dreams we’ll never know

Is it fear that keeps you all so tightly knit
Is it fear that keeps this vengeance deep within your heart
Is it fear that makes you harbor hatred for someone who’s never done anything wrong
Track Name: Machete
You can find his soul where his body was claimed for death
And in the halls where he took his first breath
He fought the disease as hard as he could but curses ignore divinity
They only grant wishes to all those madmen who sold their soul

Le cortaron la vida
(Como Machete, Machete) x4

The almighty god has the key and the answers
As to why curses hide in science as cancer
Why question logic when fear is so easy
Deny everything or suffer this heresy

Hay susurros de brujeria cuando hablan de su muerte
Que a su edad la enfermedad era demasiado fuerte
Y durante este tiempo dime a donde se fue dios
Porque tomo mucho tiempo hay llevarlo a su ascension
Track Name: Missing
As I’m walking down the sidewalk
And the streets are getting dark
And I’m only left to wonder where all of the children are
You see the night will turn to day soon
But it’s still so far away
Knowing that they’re all alone out there leaves me helpless to say

Knowing only fear’s the life that they’re forced to live

As of today I’ve just been thinking when I look up at the sky
I know she’s looking up there with me only she begins to cry
It’s scary being all alone out there with people too stupid to help
They drown her out, her cries get softer, she shouldn’t be there by herself

What’s been going on - Been left all alone
Will they ever know - Where this love belongs
Avert the eye so it don’t hurt - don’t pay no mind
Guilt’s made me change the channel too - Feels like there’s nothing I can do
I guess I’m just not meant to save the world
(We’ve been searching for an end)

People move along concrete
Same routine runs day by day
The call goes out but no one’s listening I only hope they’ll be okay
(Slipping all away)
Unseen for what it is it’s all slipping away
But still the call goes out and no one’s listening
I only hope they’ll be okay

Never asking questions because answers hurt to much to know
Wait on someone else’s actions rains wont erase tears that fall

Dry your eyes we only dream of better days ahead
Now baby listen wont you sing me something